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Heroic grandmother saves baby from falling out of a window

[July 28, 2021: Rebecca Shavit]

Svetlana Sanarova (CREDIT: East2west News)

A grandmother became a lifesaver and hero by catching a toddler who fell 20ft from the open window of an apartment block in Russia.

64-year-old Svetlana Sanarova was walking home from the supermarket when she saw a toddler hanging out of a second story window. She immediately dropped her bags, rushed over, and held out her arms.

Egor Teryokhin, the toddler, was playing with his mother when she left for one second to make him a bottle. Just that quickly, Egor managed to get out of the window.


CCTV revealed that after she caught the toddler, Egor's distraught father ran down to retrieve him. “I thought, if I didn’t catch him, he would crash before my eyes,” said Sanarova, according to East2West news service. “I needed to run and catch, or it would be much worse. He turned out to be rather heavy, but I did not think about the risk at that moment.”

The hero grandmother then left the scene. It took 6 days until she was identified and honored by authorities on social media.

The couple have a daughter, four, and 18 month old twins (CREDIT: East2west News)

In return for her act, Teryokhin offered her 1,000 rubles. However, she refused to accept the money “because this offended me.”

“I didn’t think about any risk. I was only afraid that he would die,” she explained. “And then I worried about what happened to him, until I read in the newspaper that he got away with only minor bruises.”

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