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High School seniors create ‘Kindness Garden’ to uplift underclassmen

[May 19, 2021: Madison Weil]

Senior students at Desert Hot Springs High School have been hard at work creating an art project to help inspire and encourage underclassmen.

The senior class has built what they’re calling a “Kindness Garden.” It’s a garden on campus filled with colorful, hand-painted rocks. Each rock has an uplifting message painted on its surface.

The motto: “Take one when you need one, share one with a friend, or leave one for another.”


They say their goal is to inspire other students on the campus they’ve called home -- leaving behind the colorful, uplifting display they hope becomes a tradition.

“They’ll have that reminder that everything is going to be okay...I’m on my way to success,” said Trinity Lockwood, student, Desert Hot Springs High School. “It could be an ongoing thing for years and years.”

“As I came in this morning, there are even more rocks than before,” said Orlando Acosta, Senior, Desert Hot Springs High School.

English teacher Danyel Snelson says the idea for the garden sprouted from honest conversations with her class during the pandemic.


“Students voiced through Zoom that they felt disconnected, that they felt hopeless, they were dealing with depression and anxiety. When the students came back we thought...what can we do to change our culture?” said Snelson.

She says the project is rooted in the philosophy that even a small act of kindness can go a long way.

“One message at one time can change someone’s life, outlook and day,” said Snelson.

“This rock says never give up. I hope this motivates other people,” said Laylee Mendez, Senior, Desert Hot Springs High School.


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