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Hiking the whole Lantau Trail teaches five-year-old that hard work pays off

[Mar. 6, 2021: Mark Agnew]

A five-year-old girl hiked the entire 70km Lantau Trail, in stages between January and February, simultaneously learning about hard work and its rewards.

The notoriously big steps up steep climbs and the long distances put her young legs to the test.

“The walking was fun and I was a bit tired. The walks were longer and went higher than I had been before,” Winnie Wheeler said.

“The top of Lantau Peak was the hardest bit, there are three mountains and so many steps. My legs were very tired. We had a picnic at the top,” she said.

“I learned to keep going when it is hard and you are tired because when you get to the top the views are amazing. Also, lollipops and pasta pesto give you lots of energy.”

Wheeler was motivated to raise money for ImpactHK, a charity for homeless people in Hong Kong. She has raised over HK$25,000 and has visited the ImpactHK shelters.


“It feels good to help people. I am amazed how much money people have sponsored,” she said.

“I am very lucky to have a home and ImpactHK helps people who don’t have a home so they have to sleep outside and they can’t get food because they don’t have a kitchen.”

Wheeler is no stranger to hiking and adventures, and frequently heads to the hills with her father, sister and cousin. But it was her grandfather who suggested she do something to raise money for charity.


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Now wheeler hopes others will see her adventure and feel inspired to embark on their own journey.

“It is fun being outdoors in nature and there are lots of things to explore,” Wheeler added. “My friends came to walk with me on the last section which was so nice. When we finished, we had cake.”

You can donate to Winnie’s ImpactHK page here.


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