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How a ticket bought as an act of kindness started a sweet love story.

[August 8, 2021: Trisha Sengupta]

The image shows Latha Jay who shared the sweet love story. (CREDIT: Instagram/@latha_jay_)

Who doesn’t love to read a good love story? If that statement just made you nod in agreement, then here is a story that will fill your heart will a warm feeling. It will also leave you with a wide smile.

This is a story of how buying a ticket as a random act of kindness helped a woman named Latha Jay meet the love of her life. The story is now winning people’s hearts and may have the same effect on you too.


The video was originally shared on TikTok, then re-shared on Instagram by Jay and a Insta page called nextdoor. It opens to show a woman asking people to share about one “small unimportant decision” that they made that changed the trajectory of their lives forever.

The clip then shows Jay sharing her story. She explains how her random act of kindness of buying a ticket to an art gallery for a stranger helped her meet her now-husband.

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