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Humanitarian volunteers descend cliffside to pick up trash

[Oct. 26, 2020: Emerald Pellot]

Blue Sky Rescue Team is the largest humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO) in China. The project has a roster of over 200,000 volunteers who tackle emergencies like earthquakes, landslides and hurricanes.

“Many volunteers cherish the belief that they should do something good for society,” a volunteer, Kan Yuanjian, told China Daily.

In October, the group did some volunteer rubbish removal in a rather unusual spot. Group members went down the side of a cliff at Huangshizhai scenic spot in the Hunan Province. The Blue Sky team typically does some clean up in the area while they speak to tourists about protecting the environment.

Footage showed volunteers as they cabled down the rocky cliffside. The helpers used trash pickers as they dangled to grab garbage tossed into the bushes and shrubbery.


The NGO certainly knows how to go more than the extra mile to get an important job done. In February, during China’s peak of the coronavirus outbreak, Blue Sky Rescue volunteers played an important role. The organization managed the warehousing and transfer of rescue materials in Wuhan, the epicenter of Covid-19 in the country at the time.

“After each batch of donated supplies arrives in Wuhan, a lot of complicated work has to be done, such as customs clearance and receiving and delivering goods. It was time-consuming for the frontline medical staff members to do such work,” Blue Sky Rescue commander Zhang Young told China Daily. “Blue Sky Rescue became a bridge between donors and hospitals, making every effort to unclog the ‘last mile’ in rescue.”

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