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Hundreds of volunteers give back to the community through small acts of kindness

[Oct. 10, 2020: Joe Rehana]

JEFFERSON CO. (WSIL) -- When Central Christian Church in Mt. Vernon had to cancel its Day of Service, held annually in May for the past seven years, they were determined that 2020 would not end without one more try.

They got that chance Saturday as the church brought together more than 300 volunteers, spread across the county, for a day of putting others first.

Connections Pastor Jared LeCrone says the day shows those who work hard for others that they are appreciated, and those who are in need that they are seen by others who want to help.

"We just want to make sure that people are loved today," explains LeCrone. "Central Serve Day is just one day, that hopefully brings about lots of projects throughout the year."

More than a dozen projects throughout the county had volunteers up early, making breakfast and lunch for first responders, picking up trash, washing cars, changing oil, doing laundry, and even building beds for children in need.

LeCrone says even when the day is done that the kindness and memories live on.

"We know that we grow best as people when we're serving other people. This is a church family that has come together from this community, to put back into the community," he adds. "We could put all this stuff away, and just a simple act of, 'Hey we love you,' that's all we want to put across to this community today."

The day of service also included a block party where neighbors enjoyed hot dog, cotton candy, music and games.

Volunteers received a t-shirt, but the real takeaway is the reward of serving, helping neighbors, and bringing the community together.

This Brighter Side of News post courtesy of WSILTV.


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