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Innovative app brings biblical history together with modern information

[July 20, 2020: Jerusalem Post]

While the stories in the Tanach (24 books of the Hebrew Bible) may be ancient, they are widely read today. In fact, nearly 1.8 billion people read at least some part of the Bible every week, according to David Sela, chairman of a volunteer organization developing a new interactive app that ties modern technology with the Bible’s ancient history.

“The Bible is the strongest brand in the world,” he said. “There are more than 1.8 billion people who read the Bible each week.”

Sela is chairman of the Council for Promoting the Israeli Heritage Values, the organization developing the app.

One highlighted feature of the app allows for users to tap on the name of a specific location, which brings up information capsules, including contemporary pictures taken at the location, contemporary happenings in the area and explanations that aid in further reading of the Tanach.

“We took the amazing and wonderful content of the Bible and made it accessible in an innovative and pioneering way that adapts it to the technological age that we now live in,” Sela said.

The app is still being developed, but users can receive capsules every few days via email as they get added to the collection.... MORE


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