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Justin Thomas Donates Money to Fellow Golfer So That He Can Continue His Golf Dream

[June 3, 2021: David Hookstead]

Golfer Justin Thomas recently pulled off a 100% pure class move to help fellow golfer Mike Visacki.

Visacki is relatively unknown, but made waves back in April when he went viral for the emotional call to his father informing him he made a PGA Tour event.

However, golf isn’t a cheap sport to play if you don’t have sponsors, and Thomas wants to make sure he sees Visacki continuing to chase his dream.


According to Rick Gehman, Thomas cut a check to Visacki a few days ago so that the latter could have the funds to keep playing on the PGA tour.

You can watch the awesome moment where Thomas subtly slips Visacki a check below. It’s awesome.

Whether you love golf or not, this is simply an awesome moment for sports fans. Like I said above, golf isn’t a cheap sport if you don’t have some sponsors behind you.


While I don’t know Visacki’s financial situation, you can tell that he was very appreciate of the unnamed amount of cash Thomas gave him.

Clearly, he needs some support and he got it from one of the best golfers on the planet.


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