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Kevin Smith Wants to Help Save the U.S. Postal Service

[July 31, 2020:]

You may have noticed that USPS has been a trending topic on social media lately, and that's because the United States Postal Service is seeing cutbacks that could affect your everyday mail as well as the upcoming election. According to The Washington Post, "The U.S. Postal Service is experiencing days-long backlogs of mail across the country after a top Trump donor running the agency put in place new procedures described as cost-cutting efforts, alarming postal workers who warn that the policies could undermine their ability to deliver ballots on time for the November election." This has caused a lot of concern for many people, which has led to an outpour of support for USPS on social media. One person to tweet about the cause was Kevin Smith, the director known for helming Clerks and Mallrats.

“Whether it was a monthly @Marvel comic, Bantha Tracks from the @starwars fan club, or $20 from my Aunt, nothing was more magical than getting mail as a kid. My Dad supported our family with a 23 year career in the Postal arts. So I hate seeing the @USPS in danger. How do we help?,” Smith asked. You can check out the tweet below:


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Many people replied with suggestions, mostly involving stamps: SMod-family stamps,” @marcbernardin wrote. “There are some new Bugs Bunny stamps that were just issued. Buy them for your friends and family: [buy here],” @_s_e_a_n suggested. “I know @iamjohnoliver/ @LastWeekTonight made a set of collectible stamps to help raise money for @USPS - can we get View Askew stamps? I mean, I’m Canadian and I would buy them,” @StephenGris added.

“I think we need to send letters to our congressmen and women. The USPS needs their retirement system overhauled. For some reason, the government a while back required the USPS to have 75 years of retirement on hand at all times while no other business has to carry that much,” @geekysteved wrote..‌... Read More


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