Kindhearted grocery store worker helps elderly blind customer shop and get home safely

The selfless actions of an Asda worker have left people in Nottingham blown away by his relationship with a blind customer.

[June 25, 2021: Ben Reid]

The selfless actions of an Asda worker have left people in Nottingham blown away by his relationship with a blind customer. Kieran O'Rourke has built up a close bond with customer Michael Fuller, who has been blind since birth.

Kieran helps Michael do his shopping on an almost daily basis at the Strelley branch in Nottingham and then walks him safely to his front door.

Michael, 71, said he would be lost without Kieran, 23, as well as our other colleagues who help him when Kieran's not around, and said: "Kieran's such a nice, helpful lad; it's such a pleasure to do my shopping with him."

Although he lives on the same street as the Asda store, Michael has to cross a busy road which can often take him a long time if he doesn't have Kieran with him.

Kieran has now been nominated for an Asda service superstar award for his kindness, but he says he is just doing what comes naturally. He said: "I think it's nice to treat someone the way you would like to be treated if you were in a similar situation."

Asda Strelley store manager Laura Morris said: "Michael comes to our store particularly because of Kieran's help and is extremely grateful. He told us he's our customer for life as he doesn't receive the same level of customer service from anywhere else he goes.

"Kieran is amazing with all his customers, but with Michael he definitely goes above and beyond. Well done Kieran, keep up the great work."

ASDA shared the story on its Facebook page, and it's since been liked by over 48,000 shoppers.

Valerie Anita Towle wrote: "Wonderful that there are good people in the world. A little bit of kindness and thought for others should be rewarded, well done young man. Keep it up"

Sarah Wells added: "Absolutely wonderful and restores your faith in humanity! Management should give Kieran a bonus."

Kemmy So-Special wrote: "I saw this young man just a week ago walking this gentleman across the road at Strelley Asda, and I thought to myself, what an amazing young man, to be helping this blind gentleman.

"His kindness is very rare these day and one that she be recognised. I take my hats off to you Kieran, you’re a wonderful human being."

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