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Kindhearted teen donates his hair to kids battling cancer

[Jan 17, 2022: Wade Smith]

Kieran Moise gave back in a big way to his community.

At Straight to Ale Brewery in Huntsville in front of family and friends, Kieran cut his 19-inch-long afro with the goal of donating the hair for use in wigs for children battling cancer.

Kieran grew his hair for years to be able to reach this level of donation.

“I just don’t like haircuts and I haven’t gotten a real one for maybe six years,” said Moise.


Kieran’s mom Kelly said he knew it was time to make the donation after getting the acceptance call from the U.S. Air Force Academy.


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“I’m going into the military and I didn’t want to just cut it off and drop it on the floor. I wanted to give back because there are lots of people that need help,” said Kieran.

He was inspired to get involved after losing a friend to cancer in 8th grade. That was when he saw the good St. Jude’s Hospital did for children.

On his St. Jude’s donation page, Kieran already raised over $35,000.


Kieran is a recent graduate of New Century Technology High School in Huntsville and will head to the Air Force Academy this fall.

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