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Kindness from a store clerk results in woman winning $1M lottery prize

[June 15, 2021: Mitchell Willetts]

A Michigan woman won a fortune playing the lottery recently, thanks to a lot of luck, and a little kindness from a stranger.

The clerk’s generosity led to the Saginaw County woman winning $1 million playing the Michigan Lottery’s $1,000,000 Frenzy Multiplier Instant Game.

She was just a minute or two too late to buy a ticket at the Marion Springs General Store, it was past closing time and the doors were locked up, the 52-year-old, who opted to remain anonymous, told Michigan Lottery officials.


“My friend and I were on the way home for a bonfire and we needed to stop for a couple things,” she said. “But they must have just closed.”

Fatefully, the gas station clerk saw the pair standing at the door and decided to let them in.

“We grabbed items for the night and picked up some Lottery tickets,” she said, not knowing she had a life-changing slip of paper in her pocket.

“I got home and got the fire going and forgot all about the tickets for a couple days. When I finally scratched it off, I was so surprised to win $1 million!” the Saginaw County woman told lottery officials.


She collected her winnings at lottery headquarters in Lansing, opting for a lump sum of $634,000, instead of 30 annual payments for the full $1 million.

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Note: Materials provided above by Mitchell Willetts. Content may be edited for style and length.


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