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‘Kindness matters’: Fan's moving response to John Cena's ‘never give up’ message

[August 26, 2021: The Brighter Side of News]

The tear-jerking video resurfaced when a Twitter user posted it. (CREDIT: @RexChapman)

While celebrities surprising their fans is well heard of, the opposite happened for actor and WWE superstar John Cena. An emotional video of a fan sharing how his kindness helped him go through a tough time has left people online in tears.

In a clip, Cena was seen reacting to thank you notes from one of his fans, who was inspired by his passion and by his famous message to “never give up”. A young boy named Tyler Scheer in the video message talked about how Cena’s positivity helped his family cope while his mother was battling cancer.

Recalling that Cena had given one of his wristbands to him at a WWE match, he went on to add that he had given it to his mother when she underwent a surgery for breast cancer. “She’s now cancer free,” the boy is heard saying and Cena is seen wiping his tears.


Moments later, while a moved Cena tried to compose himself, the young fan was seen surprising him by bursting out of the backdrop. Ultimately resulting in an emotional exchange and a warm hug.

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