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Kindness ripples back: KCPD starts fund for woman who donated to injured officer

[July 17, 2020: KMBC ABC 9]

After a display of kindness that was both extraordinary and typical of Kansas City, the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department is helping to direct some of that kindness back to its original source.

On Monday, we first told you the story of a woman contacting Kansas City police to donate winnings of a lucky lottery ticket to the family of a KCPD officer wounded in the line of duty.

According to police, they assured the woman that the officer was well cared for, but she refused and insisted the officer’s family needed it and “police needed to know they were supported.”

“She said she was laid off a month ago due to COVID-19, and she's been struggling to pay her bills,” KCPD said in a Facebook post. “She went to the grocery store last week and found a $1 bill in the parking lot. She used that to buy a lottery ticket, with which she won $100.”... MORE



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