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Kitten with spinal cord defect gets wheelchair built from toy car

[Sept 3, 2021: Ross Martin-Pavitt]

Little Angelito playing with a friend (CREDIT: SWNS)

Heartwarming footage shows a disabled kitten whizzing around on a wheelchair made from a plastic bottle and toy car wheels.

Constanza Hernandez, 37, discovered little Angelito lying in a puddle in Colombia at just 15 days old. He was emaciated and had deformed rear legs.

Vets advised her to put the tiny white kitten to sleep, after he was diagnosed with an untreatable spinal defect.


The good samaritan nursed him back to health and with her mother created an amazing contraption, using a plastic bottle and wheels from a toy car, to help him get around.

Footage shared by Constanza shows Angelito as a kitten wearing a nappy and using tiny toy car wheels attached to a sock to get around.

The cat is then seen zooming around the apartment and even going outside for walks.

Constanza admitted, “Little angel has no idea that he has a disability. He has developed normally”.


Constanza, from Neiva, Huila, on south central Colombia, said: 'Angel arrived at a time in my life in which I questioned many things about the purpose of my life.

'I had many doubts and voids. I felt that he had saved me.

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