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Light the World's 'Giving Machines' help spread holiday cheer with donations

[Nov 23, 2021: The Brighter Side of News]

The machines allow customers to purchase items not for themselves, but for a charity in need of donations. (CREDIT: Light the World)

Giving this holiday season is now as easy as buying a soda in a machine.

Light the World Giving Machines will be available in 10 locations across the United States for people to donate to dozens of local and global charity organizations this Christmas season.

The machines allow customers to purchase items not for themselves, but for a charity in need of donations. The vending machine-like devices allow shoppers to select items to give.

"There's things all the way from just a few dollars to, to a goat for $75 and chickens for $25,"said Fred Lewis, a volunteer with the machines. "It's so easy to be able to help someone else."


The annual effort, organized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, encourages people everywhere to follow the Savior’s admonition to “love one another; as I have loved you” (John 13:34). The theme for this year’s initiative is “Light the World With Love.”

The popular red Giving Machines will be available beginning in November in the following locations:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Downtown Summerlin Mall (November 3)

  • Nashville, Tennessee – Bridgestone Arena (November 18)

  • Honolulu, Hawaii – Pearlridge Center (November 20)

  • Orem, Utah – University Place (November 23)

  • Salt Lake City, Utah – City Creek Center (November 24)

  • Oakland, California – Temple Hill (November 27)

  • Gilbert, Arizona – Water Tower Plaza (November 29)

  • Denver, Colorado – Writer Square (November 30)

  • Kansas City, Missouri – Crown Center (November 30)

  • New York, New York – Manhattan New York Temple (November 30)

  • Nashville, Oakland and Kansas City are new locations this year. The Light the World Giving Machine campaign will run through January 1, 2022.


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The Giving Machines offer the public a fun and memorable way to give and serve one another, but with a twist. Usually, when someone puts money into a vending machine, they receive something tangible in return. But a Giving Machine rewards the purchaser with something far more. Giving Machines provide a way for people to instantly think of others and generously give of themselves.

There's things all the way from just a few dollars to, to a goat for $75 and chickens for $25. (CREDIT: Light the World)

Each Giving Machine includes items from global and local charities, such as food, clean water, health care services, shelter, bedding, skills training and educational supplies. The ever-popular chickens, goats, pigs and beehives will also be available. Among the 40-plus local charity partners, this year’s global charities include CARE, Church World Service, the USA for UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency, UNICEF and WaterAid.


A vital component of Giving Machines is that 100% of all donations go directly to each participating charitable organization. This arrangement is possible because the Church of Jesus Christ covers all expenses associated with the initiative, including credit card transaction fees. So every penny donated is used to provide the desired goods and services the donor has so generously purchased.

Giving Machines provide necessary care to millions of people in need, and through this initiative, the Church hopes that neighborhoods and communities will be more united as their citizens demonstrate increased love, charity, kindness and compassion toward others.

To learn more about the Light the World initiative, Giving Machines or what you can do to light the world this Christmas season, please visit

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