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Local Animal Shelter 'Dusted' With Love

[July 27, 2020:]

Even homeless animals need a little "dusting," and on Saturday, they were able to experience the magic, too.

The North Fork Animal Welfare League in Peconic was "dusted" with kindness by the North Fork Wine/Treats Dust Fairies group.

The words "I've been dusted!" are spreading across Facebook posts faster than a fairy can fly as hundreds of women have come together with a new and creative way to spread acts of kindness during the pandemic.

"Dusting" is what's done by groups of "wine fairies" who belong to Facebook groups and go out into the community, leaving surprise bags of wine, champagne, chocolate, popcorn, cookies, scratch-off tickets, flip flops, flowers, and other treats on doorsteps.

And now, the fairies have sprinkled the animal shelter with love and treats, too.


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"What an awesome day! Five dogs and two kittens were adopted today and the NFAWL got dusted," said Gabrielle Stroup of NFAWL. "It was so nice that they dusted the staff and all the animals."

Stroup said families came with dog and cat treats, and surprises for staffers, too. "Dogs got biscuits and peanut butter, cats got treats and food and the staff got sweet and beverages. It really lifted everyone's spirits," Stroup said.

A post by Michelle Braun-Fritscher on the group's Facebook page said those participating should bring items including blankets, sheets, large-sized milk bones, canned and dry cat food, Nylabones, peanut butter, and goodies.

"Please don't forget to add some goodies for the amazing people who work and volunteer there," she said. "They deserve a special treat, too"

Here's how dusting works: After joining a Facebook group, a person tells the members that she'll be going out "dusting" in the next day or so, and asks whoever would like a chance to be dusted to leave their address. Then, she heads out on her magical mission, leaving gifts outside and doing her best to hurry off before the lucky recipient can get a glimpse. Usually, the "fairy" gets a sprinkle of "Drinkerbell" magic back, as the many she's gifted fly over to leave surprises on her steps, too.

And it's not all about wine: There are "dustings" for those who don't drink, for children, for graduation high school seniors, dads and guys in the group, and now, even dogs and cats, too!.... MORE



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