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Local Charity Sending Out Special ‘Cubs' for Mother's Day

[Apr. 24, 2021: Mari Payton]

With Mother's Day just two weeks away, local charity groups are joining together to make sure the memories of mothers who have passed away are not overlooked.

On Sunday, volunteers with the San Diego-based Comfort Cub and National Charity League will hold a Mother's Day prep event. Moms and their daughters will create an assembly line, tagging and preparing teddy bears to be shipped across the country to women who are grieving the deaths of their mothers.

The mission of the Comfort Cub is to provide therapeutic bears to those suffering a loss or trauma.


“It’s difficult to describe until you have felt it," Liz Tyson with the Comfort Cub told NBC 7, "But as they've found with weighted objects, with people with anxiety … I’m sure you have heard of weighted blankets and things that comfort people … it’s the exact same science.”

The costs of the bears are funded by donations and are free to the recipients. For more information on how to donate or receive a cub, go to Comfort Cub's website.


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