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Lost stuffed puppy gets treated to a ‘relaxing spa day’

[Oct. 12, 2020: Maine News]

STANDISH, Maine (CBS) — A lost stuffed puppy belonging to a little boy in Maine has been reunited with its owner after a “relaxing spa day.” Groomers at Lavish Dog Day Spa outside Portland discovered the toy and thought they would have a little fun.

“We found a lost puppy outside on the bench and he decided he wanted a relaxing spa day,” the spa posted to Facebook.

The stuffed puppy was treated to a day of pampering complete with a bath, hair brushing and a new bow. The groomers wanted the boy to smile and know the toy was in good hands.

The freshly groomed puppy was returned to the boy Sunday morning.

“Thank you so much for looking out for my son’s puppy,” the boy’s mother wrote on Facebook. “He was so happy to be reunited with him.”

This Brighter Side of News post courtesy of CBS 4 Boston.


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