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Meet the man with Britain’s lowest fuel bill as he drives the world’s smallest car

[Apr 6, 2022: Alison Brinkworth]

Parking is a breeze in the world's smallest car. (CREDIT: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS)

Driver Alex Orchin is the envy of the country right now as he delights in having Britain's cheapest petrol bill. For Alex became the proud owner of the world's smallest car - an adorable blue Peel P50 - after seeing Jeremy Clarkson drive one on Top Gear.

It's paid off for Alex as it now means his fuel bill is just £7 to fill up, especially as the tank of this three-wheeler car holds five litres. But the car does only have a top speed of 23mph.

There is a catch as Alex's car is so small, he can only fit in one bag of groceries, jammed in next to the handbrake. The one-seater car is unable to fit a rucksack or a suitcase inside and forces Alex's knees to go on either side of the steering wheel.


It's a tight fit for the 5ft 11ins car enthusiast as the tiny car is just 134cm long, 98cm wide and 100cm high. Eccentric Alex, 31, is an avid motoring collector who became obsessed with the car while watching Jeremy Clarkson drive one on the BBC motoring show.

Alex manages to fit all of life's necessities in the car. (CREDIT: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS)


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Alex, who last year drove the length of the UK in the car, said: “I got fixated on this idea of having a P50 just because it was so tiny. When I saw an original was £100,000 it kind of killed it off.

Alex's fuel bill is just £7 to fill up. (CREDIT: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS)


"But about four years ago I bought one of the newer ones from the Isle of Man - so I’m only the second owner. I can fit a shopping bag down the left of the car by the handbrake, but nothing else.

Alex touring around town in his P50. (CREDIT: James Linsell-Clark/ SWNS)

"It's much smaller than you think it is - everyone says that when they see the car in person. The car always gets attention - it is quite staggering because to me it's just a tiny car."

The P50 was first made on the Isle of Man in the 1960s and in 2010 was named the smallest production car ever built in the book of Guinness World Records. Alex's vehicle was built in 2017 but is based on the original design from the first production models in the 1960s.


“I have always had an interest in old, vintage and unusual cars since I was a kid," added Alex. "No one in my family was into it - it was a bit of a random obsession!

"I used to be a chauffer for vintage cars and have had a 1914 Model T and a 1968 Morris Minor too. My Peel P50 attracts absolutely everyone, including people who aren't interested in cars.

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