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Missing dog found after 7 years, 1,000 miles away in mid-Michigan

[July 2, 2021: Jam Sardar]

Picture courtesy: Eaton County Animal Control

After a journey that lasted 7 years and more than 1,000 miles, Sgt. Pepper is back home.

The story started back in 2014 – after a Florida family reported their Yorkie mix missing. Sgt. Pepper was 6-year-old when he disappeared.

According to Eaton County Animal Control, the family thought they tracked him down when they discovered a “found” post for him on Craiglist, but the dog had already been claimed by someone else and the owners were not able to trace him after that.

Picture courtesy: Eaton County Animal Control

The dog ended up with a family for the past five years before somehow ending up with the folks at the Eaton County Animal Control on Monday. Workers scanned the dog, who had been microchipped, and were able to trace Sgt. Pepper to his original owner.

They called the family in Florida, who promptly flew to Michigan to reclaim him.

Animal control officials say the family who had the dog for the last five years were unaware that he had been chipped or stolen. They also say it’s an excellent example of why pets ought to be microchipped.

Sgt. Pepper. Picture courtesy: Eaton County Animal Control

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