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Mom and son’s shared love of art inspires business venture

[Sept. 16, 2020: Meredyth Censullo]

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Laureen Austin and her son, Nathaniel, have always shared a love of art. Laureen began coloring with Nathaniel when he was barely old enough to hold a crayon, and that shared interest in being creative continued over the years.

The pandemic downtime gave the pair an opportunity to make an idea they’d had more than a decade ago, to collaborate on art projects together, reality. They started a graphic design business called ArtBond, producing wearable, and shareable, designs with positive messages.

“We’re trying to give people something to think about rather than just words, and have art at the same time,” Laureen says, a semi-retired health care worker.

Laureen and Nathaniel, who works in graphic design, ceramics, and also dabbles in music producing, come up with ideas independently, and hone them together, usually by phone.

“We have back and forth iterations by texting. Rarely do we ever talk,” says Laureen.

“I don’t know if that’s true,” Nathaniel said with a laugh.

Laureen says ArtBond plans to donate proceeds to nonprofits that support children. Because, after all, their new business is built on strong family ties.

“It’s ArtBond. We’re bonding over art, and connecting. It’s fun,” said Nathaniel.

“And, we have something to share with the world,” Laureen added.

See more of Laureen and Nathaniel’s work, or let them know you’re a nonprofit in need of support, at or on Facebook.

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