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Mom making a difference in other moms' lives through 'A Girl Like Me, Inc.' program

[Mar. 3, 2021: Andrea Isom]

Every one of us has a unique story and a unique journey. And if we share it with others it can truly make a difference in someone’s life.

That is what helping each other is all about.


Our Andrea Isom met a Detroiter who is doing just that. She became a mother when she was a teenager. Now she’s extending her hand and heart to young moms so they can see what a girl just like them can be!

Meet Tyra Moore and see inside her mission called “A Girl Like Me, Inc.”!

If you want to donate baby items, volunteer your time, or get involved with various events, we know she’d love to have you!


Visit for more information. Also, like and follow the Facebook page here for updates:

On Instagram, the organization can be found at @agirllikemeinc


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