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Mother, daughter duo feed city workers on kindness tour

[July 31, 2020: WREG Memphis]

Mother and daughter Demeatrice and Deontra Jackson are preparing for a delivery. They zip and seal bags with snacks and something to beat the summer heat.

“Why did you want to help?”

“Because it’s sad because they have been doing a lot of things with this virus and stuff.”

Deontra is just nine years old. Her mother said she asked if there was a way she could give back to people like police officers and firefighters.

“She came to me and said mom what can I do to show who I am as a black kid?”

“If they wanted snacks or something I wanted to give it to them so it’s nicer that way.”

It’s all about representation and showing love between all people.

Deontra and her mother take frequent trips to the store, buying snacks in bulk to feed city workers and those helping fight the pandemic.


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“For sanitation we did 40. Between town hall, the courthouse and the police department we did 87 bags.”

The two have delivered almost 300 bags. They named their mission Deonatra Jackson’s Collierville Kindness Tour and have tracked their steps by delivering in rounds.

They’re on round five and preparing to feed utility workers next.

“They say thank you so much and thank you for giving us these snacks and everything and they smile.”

A smile that never goes out of style. It’s more reason for this mother and daughter duo to keep the tour rolling.‌... Read More



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