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Move over X-Men, meet Glitter a real-life superhero

[Oct. 18, 2020: Ashley Wehrli]

There are a few things that moms fear more than anything in this world. They fear something happening to themselves, something happening to their children and glitter. Glitter has been the bane of existence for a lot of moms out there. It gets everywhere, and months after it has been put away you are still finding it on the floor, the counters and the cat. It is easy to see how a mom’s worst nightmare would include a cannon that shoots out glitter. While that may be mom’s worst nightmare, it is a kid’s dream come true, and one young girl made it a reality.

A young inventor made herself a prosthetic arm that shoots out glitter. We’re pretty sure we should be proud of her, but we are concerned about our children using this story as inspiration.

All glitter jokes aside, Jordan Reeves is the name of the 14-year-old who turned her disability into something she can find joy in, and it is brilliant. Jordan is from Columbia, Missouri and she was born with a left arm that had stopped developing below the elbow. Jordan used this to create for herself a unique superhero alter self.

When she was 10-years-old, Jordan attended a workshop that encouraged youth to think creatively about their condition, and since Jordan had access to a 3D printer, she was able to make a prosthetic arm that shoots out glitter. She has appeared on numerous TV shows like Shark Tank and The Rachel Ray Show, where she talked about “Project Unicorn” and how she hoped that it would inspire other kids to look at their disabilities as gifts.


It turns out that “Project Unicorn” was just the beginning for Jordan. Once she realized that she was really onto something, she and her mother created Born Just Right, a non-profit that advocated for inclusivity for all. Jordan was able to publish her own book in 2019 about her life, and she has also joined with LEGO to create a documentary series that speaks to young change-makers. All of the children on the series are making their own LEGO masterpiece to showcase their own creativity, and it was put together to create a huge installation about rebuilding the world. Jordan has shown that she is incredibly creative and intelligent, and she and her glitter cannon arm are going to sparkle in this world.

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