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'My Heart Just Melted': Kid’s Act Of Kindness in Helping Out a Friend is the Cutest

[August 26, 2021: The Brighter Side of News]

Kindness is taught. (CREDIT: camifrobabe/Instagram)

Kindness comes when you are least expecting it. It does not have to be huge life-altering changes, sometimes kindness can be as small as someone helping someone out in a small trouble. Every time someone witnesses a kindness or spreads the word around, the internet becomes a better place with the thought that we have hope left in this world after all.

Enter this adorable video of two kids which melted our hearts with the kindness that they showed. In a children park, a kid was having trouble going through a rope-based equipment designed for playing. After reaching midway, the kid was scared of putting another step forward. But just like hope comes in unexpected times, a pint-sized hand appeared from the other end and pulled her to safety. The kid’s mother, who was witnessing the whole incident from below, quickly recorded it in video and shared it with her Instafam.

The video was shared on Camille Madeline’s Instagram page which is managed by her mother Colette Louis. Colette also edited her thoughts in the video like how nervous her daughter was. She later went to the other kid’s mother and told her about the incident. She was very happy. “Kindness is taught,” Colette accompanied the video with these words. Take a look:


Even though the other kid’s face is not visible in the video, she has won our hearts all the way. Within minutes, friends of Colette and admirers of Camille flocked to the post to drop comments. Some users wrote that this is something that adults need to learn from the kids – instead of pushing each other down, we need to help each other and be kind. Another user wrote that the little hands of kindness are melting his heart. One comment read that the kid has her heart in the right place. We totally agree!

Needless to say that this video that documented the act of kindness, got massively viral on social media within hours of being posted. The video, till now, has already acquired more than 8 thousand likes and lots of comments on the photo-sharing application.

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