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New Zealand is trying to become the kindest nation on the planet — here's how

[August 8, 2021: Vera Alves]

One of the goals of the campaign is to provide winter pyjamas for children who need them, among other things. (CREDIT: The Kindness Collective)

The Kindness Collective has been delivering local acts of kindness since 2014 — but the charity's founder, Sarah Page, decided it was time to step it up.

Now, the collective is on a mission to turn New Zealand into the kindest nation on Earth, and they need everyone's help to achieve that.

The charity is hoping to raise $100,000 in just two weeks, in order to spend the next 12 months supporting 100 acts of kindness all around Aotearoa.

The crowdfunding campaign kicked off on Tuesday and, so far, it has raised more than $23,000 as Kiwis rally together for kindness.

"Our entire mission is to make it easy for people to be kind," Page says.


She knows Kiwis are inherently kind but sometimes don't know what causes to support - the Kindness Collective's #100actsofkindness campaign means that, in a way, they don't have to.

Sarah Page, founder of The Kindness Collective (CREDIT: The Kindness Collective)

A donation of money or time will go a long way towards helping these 100 acts of kindness come true and Page is hoping to rally all of New Zealand to come together to help, however they can, and generate a massive year-long wave of kindness to sweep the country.

"We need kindness more than ever," she says.

"Everyone has been through so much, the effects of 2020 are still being felt daily. Every Kiwi deserves kindness. We make it easy for kindness to happen."

The Kindness Collective keeps a record of every act of kindness but documenting it all online so people will know where their money is going.


"We're a real grassroots charity, we have really minimal operating costs, 95 per cent of that dollar people donate goes straight to the community," Page adds.

So what will be done with the money? Anything and everything. The Kindness Collective is well versed in helping local communities and is now just expanding that into a massive country-wide kindness mission.

The goal is to do things like build community spaces, safe houses for women, community gardens, buy books and supplies for low decile schools, winter pyjamas for children who need them, and other essentials for low-income families. But it doesn't stop there.


Page believes the "nice to haves" are also important and she hopes that some of that kindness will go towards brightening some families' days with some special treats and fun things they can't afford, like cinema tickets, extracurricular activities or trips to Rainbow's End for the kids.

"If families are lacking the basics, there is no room in the budget for experiences that make life really special," Page says, adding she hopes this massive kindness mission will bring some of that too.

If you are in a position to donate some money to help this giant kindness mission, you can do so via the givealittle page here. If you can't donate money, kindness comes in many forms and the collective would love to hear from you about volunteering some of your time as well. For more information on The Kindness Collective, click here.

Page says anything people can do will go a long way. As the saying goes, "in a world where you can be anything, be kind" - and this charity is making it easier than ever for you to do so.

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