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Novak Djokovic Displays an Amazing Act of Kindness by Financing a Private Jet for Medical Treatment

[Aug. 1, 2020: Essentially Sports]

By winning many events, Serbian star Novak Djokovic has earned a lot of prize money throughout his career. He has used this money for many amazing things like the Novak Djokovic Foundation and now, to finance a private jet for a little girl.

In Serbia, funds were raised for the treatment of Sofija Markuljevic who is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy. These funds are to be used for her treatment in the United States. She will hopefully be cured of her disease there.

To help her get there, Novak Djokovic collaborated with businessman Miodrag Kostic. Together, they financed a private jet for her so that she could reach the United States as soon as possible. Her parents were delighted about this as in a recent statement (which was translated), they said.

“We are especially grateful to Miodrag Kostić and his company, as well as Novak Djoković, who provided a private flight to America. Because their help came as the crown of this action for a better life in our Sofia. Without their engagement, the organization of travel to America in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic would not have been so easy.”


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It was an amazing act of kindness by Novak Djokovic to help Sofia get to the United States. Now, he is going to be deciding whether he is also going to the United States for the 2020 US Open.

The Serb has been critical of the event form the very beginning. This is because of the restrictions at the event that are there due to the coronavirus pandemic. He has said that he will find it impossible to play there and has threatened to skip the event.

Even though the Serb is not sure about the event, he has not confirmed that he will miss the event. Every single fan will be hoping that he decides to play the event and also win the title.‌... Read More


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