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NYC Entrepreneur Launches Smilovich Love for Humanity Foundation to Promote Global Peace

On July 27, 2020, New York City entrepreneur, Guy Smilovich, announced the launch of Smilovich Love for Humanity Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to promote global relief efforts while aiming to create financial aid to qualified individuals from underserved communities throughout the world. First round efforts this summer so far have focused on direct monetary support for COVID-19 economic sufferers around the globe, as well as financial relief packages for political refugees in Israel who were recently displaced from Sudan. Today the organization has announced the hiring of social workers to help explore regions around the world with a need for immediate assistance.

The creation of the Smilovich Love for Humanity Foundation was born from a vision that follows along the lines of Guy Smilovich's successful business models. Step-by-step organizations under his wings have always carved out a strong and clear pathway. Now for this prominent businessman the time has never been clearer. It is the precise time to demonstrate publicly that his insight will be used for the good of mankind.

His motto is in order to do anything in life greatly 'you have to have it in your heart.' With a faithful vision Smilovich Love for Humanity Foundation is out to help the world one project at a time as an umbrella philanthropy foundation. A team of expert board advisors in the coming months will evaluate various global cases and determine where Guy can make the most positive changes on the planet. His philosophies are incorporated in the newly announced philanthropy model. Inspiration comes from personal strong family values, as well as religious devotion.


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"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can," states the proud businessman about his projected philanthropic activity over the next year.

In 2018, a silent business partner from the East Coast helped establish a first look foundation called the Holocaust Survivor Foundation. The organization at the time recognized the anguish of Holocaust Survivors who suffered unbearable trauma. He openly supported elderly victims who were residing in destitute situations of poverty in Israel. The organization provided necessities for their survival in the remaining years of their lives. This first tribute for the salvation of mankind planted strong roots for the expansion and merging of efforts to create the official Smilovich Love for Humanity Foundation.

In 2020, the organization's board of advisors will take on exclusive efforts to 'to heal the world,' as the founder describes. Initiatives will range across many countries and will be aim to help underserved communities across the world. Upcoming months will bring on a team of newly hired social workers to help administer funds to those in need.... Read More



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