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Ohio Teen with Brain Tumor Gets a Surprise Christmas-Themed Homecoming Dance

[Oct. 27, 2023: Staff Writer, The Brighter Side of News]

The festive afternoon was filled with dancing, eating, and crafting. (CREDIT: LISA DEJONG/CLEVELAND CLINIC)

When 17-year-old Megan Krafty from Huron, Ohio, was faced with the disappointing reality of missing her high school homecoming dance due to a recent brain tumor surgery, her dedicated caregivers at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation made sure she experienced the joy of the dance, in their own special way.

It all began in early September. Megan was diagnosed with a brain tumor on September 5. Just a week later, on September 12, she had surgery to address the tumor.


Following her procedure, Megan stayed at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital until September 20. Afterward, she was transferred to Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, shared Jill Krafty, Megan’s mother.

Megan Krafty and caregivers at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation. (CREDIT: LISA DEJONG/CLEVELAND CLINIC)

Being a typical teenager, Megan had been looking forward to her homecoming dance at Huron High School. It's an event that marks a significant rite of passage for many American teens, often celebrated with elaborate dresses, dancing, and memorable moments with friends. Realizing she'd miss this major event due to her hospital stay, Megan was understandably upset.


A Heartwarming Surprise

Upon learning about Megan's disappointment, her caregivers decided to step up in an extraordinary way. They quickly formulated a plan to bring some joy and normalcy into her life by organizing a surprise Christmas-themed homecoming dance just for her. Why Christmas, one might wonder? It's Megan's favorite holiday, revealed her mother, Jill.

This surprise event was scheduled for 1 p.m. on Friday, coinciding with the timing of the homecoming dance at Huron High School.


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As the day arrived, Megan discovered the incredible effort her caregivers had put into the event. Overwhelmed with happiness, she exclaimed, “[She was] very excited knowing she was still going to wear her dress and celebrate the day,” according to Jill.

On this special day, Megan looked radiant in a pink dress, the very one she intended to wear for her school's homecoming. Her excitement was evident as she exclaimed, “Megan loved all the decorations and how much effort they put into making the day special,” recalled Jill.


Special Moments and Memories

To make the day even more memorable, Megan's boyfriend, Thomas Wilson, was present to share the special moments. Showing her eye for detail, Megan had even been involved in selecting flowers for Thomas's boutonnière ahead of their unique dance. “She got teary-eyed seeing Tommy,” shared an emotional Jill.

Megan Krafty and her boyfriend, Thomas Wilson, enjoy the homecoming experience at Children's Rehabilitation Center. (CREDIT: LISA DEJONG/CLEVELAND CLINIC)

The festive afternoon was filled with dancing, eating, and crafting. Megan celebrated alongside her boyfriend, parents, grandmother, and even other patients, turning the event into a communal celebration of spirit and resilience.


The thoughtful gesture by the caregivers was not just about recreating a missed dance. It symbolized hope, care, and the idea that even in challenging times, there are moments of joy to be found. The spokesperson for Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital mentioned that they hoped this special event “will help ease the pain of missing the real one.”

Megan Krafty and her boyfriend Thomas Wilson. (CREDIT: LISA DEJONG/CLEVELAND CLINIC)

Reflecting on the day, Megan's gratitude was evident. “[Megan] said it was great for not being able to go to her actual homecoming,” Jill conveyed.


When the world often seems filled with challenges and uncertainties, stories like Megan's remind us of the inherent goodness in people and the power of community. Her caregivers didn't just tend to her medical needs; they nurtured her spirit, proving that sometimes, the best medicine is a dose of unexpected joy.

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