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One-of-a-kind pill promotes weight loss ... no drugs needed

[July 22, 2023: Staff Writer, The Brighter Side of News]

Epitomee, has seized the spotlight by introducing a weight-loss pill that, contrary to its counterparts, operates without the use of drugs. (CREDIT: Epitomee)

In an age where the world seeks innovative solutions to curb the growing concerns surrounding obesity, the weight-loss market continues to burgeon. The quest for a safe, effective, and non-invasive weight loss solution has paved the way for groundbreaking research and discoveries.

An Israeli startup, Epitomee, has seized the spotlight by introducing a weight-loss pill that, contrary to its counterparts, operates without the use of drugs.


Dr. Dan Hashimshony, Epitomee's dynamic CEO, encapsulated the concept during a recent press conference. “The vision was clear—create a product that can be ingested orally, expand in the stomach to exert pressure on its walls, and generate a sensation of fullness,” he elucidated. This innovative approach aims to counter the trend of dieting drugs that often require painful injections and come with an array of side effects.

While the premise sounds simple, the journey to realization was anything but. “Conceptualizing is one thing; actualizing is a herculean challenge,” remarked Hashimshony.


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Hashimshony's journey with Epitomee began approximately seven years ago when he collaborated with the renowned inventor and entrepreneur, Shimon Eckhouse. Together, their team dedicated countless hours, diving deep into various technologies before they finally struck gold: a pill that not only inflates within the stomach but also ensures seamless, natural expulsion from the body.

The challenge was twofold: creating a sizable device capable of staying intact for a specific duration while guaranteeing its fragmentation into minuscule particles once it entered the intestines. “Marrying durability with disposability was the real test,” Hashimshony stated.


The company's answer lay in a unique blend of polymers with distinct properties. These polymers, once inside the stomach, voraciously absorb water and other fluids. The magic truly begins when these hydrated polymers expand to an astonishing 100 times their original size.

As Hashimshony described, “These expansive polymer grains are encased, allowing water ingress while simultaneously constraining the swelling polymers, thereby shaping them into a specific structure—a triangle in this instance.”


Upon full inflation, the resulting structure within the stomach is composed of 97% water, using only 3% material to produce significant volume. This impeccable design ensures that, in response to the distinct PH levels of the intestines, the external polymer dissipates within moments. The internal constituents then continue their journey, naturally exiting the body.

The function, duration, and specific location of Epitomee’s therapies can be adapted and controlled, enabling mechano-sensory stimulation, targeted drug delivery and absorption management. (CREDIT: Epitomee)

The market holds its breath as Epitomee's pioneering mechanical weight-loss device stands on the cusp of global recognition. With over 100,000 successful trials and approvals from European and Israeli regulatory bodies, the company is fervently gearing up to present its innovation to the FDA.


Dan Hashimshony. (CREDIT: Ofer Harari)

Epitomee envisions a future where this product will be a household name, accessible over the counter for those aiming to shed between 10 to 30 pounds. This aspiration follows substantial financial backing, with a whopping $17 million investment from Nestle Health Science in 2020 and an impressive $50 million raised on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2021.

Hashimshony’s pride in their unique technology is palpable. “Our product is unparalleled. It stands alone in its capability to perform multiple mechanical actions in the digestive system—all initiated by simply swallowing a pill,” he proclaimed.

But weight loss is merely the tip of the iceberg for Epitomee. This technological marvel holds promise far beyond its current application. As Hashimshony hinted, the pill could potentially "transport and release specific payloads at designated regions within the digestive tract." This remarkable feature hints at Epitomee's broader vision of leveraging their platform for diverse medical applications, including targeted drug delivery.


With one production facility actively operating in Caesarea and another set to open its doors in Sderot, Epitomee is ramping up its capabilities to cater to imminent market demand. All eyes are now on this revolutionary pill that promises not just a trimmer waistline but a brighter future for medical ingenuity.

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