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'Operation Jack Rabbit': Teen giving away hundreds of Easter baskets to kids in need

[Mar. 25, 2021: JD Stevens]

A holiday giveaway called "Operation Jack Rabbit" caught the attention of our "Be Kind" campaign.

A kind-hearted teenager in Rhode Island is assembling Easter baskets for hundreds of children in need.

With help from friends and family, 16-year-old James Ryan has put together 850 holiday pails filled with stuffed animals, colored eggs, crayons, books and candy.

James first started "Operation Jack Rabbit" when he was just 4 years old.

"It was me and my mom and I basically asked her if we could help out the Easter Bunny, and she said 'yes,' and that year we started off with eight pails," Jack said. "Christmas was sort of already covered so we thought of another big holiday that kids might not get something on and we kind of landed on Easter."


In its first year, "Operation Jack Rabbit" donated eight pails.

This year's giveaway will be close to 1,000.


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