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Oswego Eatery Gives Free Meals To Residents Without Power

[Aug. 11, 2020:]

As people across the village grapple with power outage caused by the severe storm that ripped through the area Monday afternoon, a local eatery is offering free meals to support the community.

"I always say 'when I can, I will help,'" said Steve Buresh, the owner. "We are fortunate to have power so close to everyone without power. These residents might lose their perishable goods soon and giving a free meal will help them keep that refrigerator closed and hopefully cold until power comes back on."

Buresh said he will not require proof from residents confirming that they do not have power, and "if you come, I will feed you."

The eatery will also have special items for the children, which will be different from the usual nugget and fried. They can get a pizza sandwich with chips or a turkey and cheese wrap with a salad. The meals will also come with an organic juice pouch or fountain drink.


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To keep his guests safe, half the table and chairs have been removed to provide ample space for social distancing. The staff members are required to wear masks and plexiglass has been installed.

Buresh is a Romeoville resident, but since he opened this restaurant six years ago, Oswego has "become my second home," he said. Even before he had a brick and mortar establishment, the community supported him at the farmers market where he sold his cheesecakes.

"They supported me when times got tough and now it's my turn to help," he said.

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on local businesses, but Buresh said "there is always room in my budget to help others." Anytime there is an issue, he helps — whether it is helping the high school band feed its band members or providing food to government workers who are not getting paid.

"My staff knows it first hand. If they need help with a bill or a car repair I offer to help. Same goes with customers that need a meal or some time away," he said. "Will I lose some money today? Probably. But helping others more than makes up for it. My store is more than about making a profit. It's here to serve the community. It's not always about me. It's about helping others. ".....Read More



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