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Out-of-work mom gifts lottery winnings to officer shot in the line of duty

[July 25, 2020: Fox News]

A single Kansas City, Mo. mother who lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic decided to gift her $100 lottery winnings to a police officer shot in the line of duty because of the selflessness of her 12-year-old daughter.

In a Saturday interview on "Fox & Friends Weekend," Shetara Sims explained that her daughter, Rakiya Edmundson, initially had the idea.

"Because I know the police have been there for me but that was such a selfless act for my daughter and I didn’t want to change that. I wanted her to continue to be as she is," Sims told host Pete Hegseth.


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Edmundson said she knew that if her family didn't have money, the family of an officer who was shot in the line of duty wouldn't either.

"Because my mom told me to care about strangers and then I thought about his family and how they might need to buy, like, food and they go and see him," she said.

According to Fox 11 Los Angeles, on July 10, Shetara anonymously called the Kansas City Missouri Police Department to donate her winnings.

The officer was shot on July 2.

Kansas City Police Sgt. Jake Becchina told Hegseth acts of kindness like this are what keep his department going.

"It gives us the energy to keep showing up every day. You know, we keep serving. And, we show up to serve and that doesn't come with conditions. We serve no matter what," he said.... MORE


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