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Pen pal program takes off in Northumberland County

[July 14, 2020: WNEP ABC 16]

Lots and lots of letters — more than 1,200 — have come pouring into Mount Carmel Senior Living Community.

This is a brand-new pen pal program and a way to lift the residents' spirits during this health crisis.

"I'm writing and telling them what I used to do, crocheting, knitting, and working at Knoebels and different things like that, what I did," said resident Mary Tyson.

They expected to get some letters but could not have imagined letters from all over the country and the world: Scotland, England, Italy, France, and South Africa.

"I never would have guessed there were so many good people out in the world, you know we're a small-town nursing home, the response was just very overwhelming," said Patricia Moser, an employee at Mount Carmel Senior Living Community. ... MORE



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