Principal sleeps on school roof as incentive for student fundraiser

“There’s a reason I’m standing on the roof right now and that reason is because of you guys,” Donald Kerr said.

[Oct. 3, 2020: Emily Campbell]

SUTTON, QUE. -- The principal of Sutton Elementary school promised a silly reward to students if they could raise $2,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation this year -- and the students won.

"There's a reason I'm standing on the roof right now and that reason is because of you guys," Donald Kerr said.

After the students raised $2,500 for the charity, Kerr spent the night on the school's roof.

"I don't think a lot of people would expect a grown adult to sleep on his school's roof... who would come up with that idea," said Abbie, in Grade 6.

Students at the school recognize that Kerr is no ordinary principal.

"He's funny, fun, and nice," said Juliette, in Grade 3.

"I think our job is to not only educate them in school but educate them in life and give them those values," Kerr said. "To be a community and to give back to the community and help others."

It didn't rain on Kerr overnight -- and now, he's a hero to the Terry Fox Foundation.

"If I think about everything they have to face, all the challenges they have to face in schools. The fact that they still find time to go out and raise funds for cancer research it is incredible," said Peter Sheremeta of the foundation's Quebec branch. "And especially him, the challenge that he did it was creative... and you could say he really sent our fundraising through the roof."

He's inspired his students as well, to raise even more money next year -- when he'll let the kids come up with another challenge to make it worthwhile.

"How about we put a chicken in his office?" Juliette said.

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