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Retired Army captain humbled by gifted home

[Sept. 14, 2020: Aaron Burrell]

HOPKINTON, Mass. — Greg Galeazzi is a retired Army captain. In May 2011, he lost both legs and part of his arm after being hit by an IED in Afghanistan.

"The first time I met Greg the thing that stuck out to me the most is he's just not sitting back watching the days go by. He's trying to better his future for himself and his family," said Scott Schaeperkoetter.

As Galeazzi adjusted to his new reality, he and his family lived in inaccessible apartments.

"Usually involved me scraping up much of the hallways and the doors and things like that just trying to turn around and do basic tasks," Galeazzi said.

Now that the Gary Sinise Foundation has stepped in, their life is forever changed.

"I don't know if words can do justice on how me and my wife feel. Building this house and to see it today completed, it's incredible," Galeazzi said.

The home is fully wheelchair accessible, and mortgage-free.

"They have gone through unimaginable things and darn near given their lives for our country. We just try to give them as much independence back in their homes as possible," said Schaeperkoetter.

"Feeling very humbled and grateful for everything that the Gary Sinise foundation and so many donors and Americans have contributed," Galeazzi said.

Galeazzi has continued to be an inspiration and is studying medicine at Harvard.

"If I can make a difference in patients' lives, even in my colleague's lives, then I can make something positive come out of all the pain and suffering that I've gone through and if I am able to achieve that then perhaps everything will have been worth it," Galeazzi said.

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