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Romantic flyboarder stuns his girlfriend and crowd with a 007-style marriage proposal

[Sept 20, 2021: The Brighter Side of News]

Dressed as 007, James Prestwood scoops up his display partner and girlfriend Kasia Waryszak and soars away on his water-powered jet pack. (CREDIT: Murray Sanders / Daily Mail)

Surging into the sky on a jet of water, flyboarder and self-professed James Bond fan, James Prestwood, 37, uses his skill and a water-powered jet pack to bring smiles to the Dartmouth, Devon crowd.

James, who runs a lighting business, competes in competitions as well as performing displays at shows and weddings.

On this day like many before, he closed the performance with his most electric trick, scooping up his girlfriend Kasia Waryszak – and soaring away from the dock -- 007 style. However, as they pirouetted from the dock and danced away into the sky, this day's final act had one more twist in store.


Having gently returned Kasia to the dock, James landed his jet pack and returned to her side for the final applause. To everyone's surprise, he slowly dropped to one knee, pulled a ring from his now wet pocket and proposed. Delightedly, she says YES!

He bought the engagement ring - white gold with a diamond - five days before he proposed and hid it in the tool box in his car. (CREDIT: Murray Sanders / Daily Mail)

‘I was shocked and speechless. It was really romantic,’ said the NHS administrator, 31.

He said: ‘I’d been thinking about proposing for a while but hadn’t told hardly anyone when it was going to happen.

‘My dad knew and had the ring in his pocket on the jetty. Kasia was over the moon. It was great.’


(CREDIT: Murray Sanders / Daily Mail)

The couple, from Paignton, Devon, have been together for three and a half years.

‘I had some hint he was going to do something because in the last couple of weeks he was asking, Do you still love me? I think he was making sure I’d say, Yes.’, Kasia said.

The engagement ring, fashioned from white gold with diamonds, was purchased five days before he proposed, and was hidden in his car's toolbox.

They have yet to set a date, but are planning to have the wedding in her native Poland in May or June next year.

Flyboarding involves performing tricks like backflips with a water jet pack strapped to your feet.


The flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft, in Mr Prestwood’s case a 300 horsepower Sea-Doo jetski.

Water is forced under pressure into a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 60ft in the air.

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