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Scientists Develop AI-Powered High-Quality Anime Portraits for Beginners

[Aug. 14, 2023: Staff Writer, The Brighter Side of News]

AniFaceDrawing system: Generating High-Quality Anime Portraits using AI.
AniFaceDrawing system: Generating High-Quality Anime Portraits using AI. (CREDIT: Haoran Xie from JAIST)

The pursuit of creating authentic anime portraits has always been a labyrinthine task for artists. The distinct style, characterized by its abstraction and unique exaggeration of real-life figures, means that even the subtlest of strokes can drastically alter the art's final visage.

However, a groundbreaking innovation, driven by the prowess of artificial intelligence (AI), has emerged, promising to aid even the novices in creating anime portraits worthy of professional acclaim.


Originating from Japan, anime has captured the hearts and minds of millions across the globe. More than just animation, anime is a nuanced art form characterized by hand-drawn abstract depictions, unique attributes, and exaggerations mirroring real-life subjects. Such intrinsic characteristics make it a formidable challenge to replicate, especially through generative AI.

Generative AI systems, in recent years, have ventured into the realm of content creation, offering potential tools for crafting anime portraits. Yet, harnessing AI to enhance human creativity in freehand drawings has posed significant challenges. The main hurdle has been to produce appropriate reference images that align with the incomplete and often ambiguous strokes made during the freehand drawing phase.


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A Revolutionary Drawing Aid

In pursuit of a solution, a collaborative research endeavor was undertaken by the esteemed scholars of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) and Waseda University. Their aim was singular: to craft a generative AI tool, named AniFaceDrawing, offering progressive drawing aid and facilitating the generation of anime portraits from unrefined sketches.

At the heart of this novel tool is a sketch-to-image (S2I) deep learning framework. It adeptly correlates raw sketches with latent vectors in the generative model. This is made possible through its anchoring foundation on the pre-trained Style Generative Adversarial Network (StyleGAN). For the uninitiated, StyleGAN represents the pinnacle of generative models, utilizing adversarial networks for the production of fresh imagery.


The brainchild of this project, Dr. Zhengyu Huang from JAIST, alongside his notable peers Associate Professor Haoran Xie, Professor Kazunori Miyata, and Lecturer Tsukasa Fukusato of Waseda University, birthed a pioneering method: the "stroke-level disentanglement." This technique meticulously links freehand sketch input strokes to edge-centric attributes in StyleGAN's latent structural code.

Dr. Huang said, "We introduced an unsupervised training strategy for stroke-level disentanglement in StyleGAN, which enables the automatic matching of rough sketches with sparse strokes to the corresponding local parts in anime portraits, all without the need for semantic labels."


This monumental research will be showcased at the acclaimed ACM SIGGRAPH 2023, the leading conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, underlining its global importance.

This technique meticulously links freehand sketch input strokes to edge-centric attributes in StyleGAN's latent structural code. (CREDIT: Haoran Xie from JAIST)

Diving deeper into the tool's development, Prof. Xie delineates, "We first trained an image encoder using a pre-trained StyleGAN model as a teacher encoder. In the subsequent phase, we emulated the image drawing process to train the sketch encoder for evolving, incomplete sketches. This method yielded high-caliber portrait images harmonizing with the disentangled representations of the teacher encoder."


To cement the efficacy of AniFaceDrawing, an exhaustive user study was launched. Fifteen graduate students were tasked with crafting digital freehand anime-style portraits utilizing the innovative tool. Here, participants could oscillate between rough and intricate guidance modes, allowing for meticulous refinement. Prof. Fukusato observes, "Our system could seamlessly morph the user's elementary sketches into pristine anime portraits. The user study illuminated that even neophytes could craft satisfactory sketches aided by the system, culminating in superior color art drawings."

AniFaceDrawing: Anime Portrait Exploration during Your Sketching. (CREDIT: Haoran Xie from JAIST)

Summing up the marvel of this AI framework, Prof. Miyata states, "Our generative AI framework empowers users, irrespective of their proficiency or prior experience, to conjure professional anime portraits even from unfinished sketches. It delivers unwavering excellence in image creation, irrespective of the sketch's sequence or initial quality."


In retrospect, the innovations introduced by this team not only promise a paradigm shift in anime portraiture but also a democratized vision of AI technology. By bridging the chasm between art and technology, AniFaceDrawing stands as a testament to a future where creativity flows unhindered, devoid of technological constraints.

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