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Senior spreading kindness at Carlsbad retirement community

[May 14, 2021: Alexandra Bahou]

A special resident in a Carlsbad senior living community set a New Year’s resolution to spread kindness and she hasn’t missed a day. Carol Dykstra, 78, earned the nickname Ms. Sunshine after she has spent the last 134 days spreading acts of kindness at La Costa Glen Retirement Community in Carlsbad.

“I always smile, even when I'm not happy I smile,” said Dykstra.

She is a retired second grade teacher and a few years ago she lost her husband after 50 years of marriage. The vibrant 78-year-old woman has no problem making friends.

“It's just something that I like to do to bring happiness, I think happiness and joy and sunshine,” said Dykstra.

Since January, Carol has been giving flowers, strawberries, she’ll run errands and leave kind messages for residents and workers.

“I don't always wake up thinking what am I going to do for somebody, they just sort of happen,” said Dykstra.


During the pandemic she and many residents felt disconnected so she knew it was important to spread kindness.

“I think we can bring happiness to others,” said Dykstra.

In the last 134 days Carol says she hasn’t missed one day of spreading kindness.

“So far I've even able to do it every day, I've only missed a couple of days but I've never completely missed them because if it gets to the evening and I haven't done something I think, 'who can I send an email or e-greeting card,” said Dykstra.

She says there are simple ways you can spread kindness, a big smile, sending a card, opening the door or letting someone in on the road.

Carol says the small gestures can make a big impact and she hopes others will spread kindness.


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