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Social worker says helping people motivates him to keep going on!

[May 7, 2021: Josh Shavit]

Social workers like Bama Amte, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Grace Abbott and many others showed how important it is to work for other people's welfare. In a world where there's lots of uncertainty, some people show that humanity still exists. In Delhi, 32-year-old Kushal Gupta is the epitome of kindness, and his social work has helped underprivileged people.

Kushal Gupta's encouragement to associate himself with social work came from his intention to make a difference in people's life. He saw how little things can have a huge impact and how much it means to those who have nothing. It motivated him to keep doing the good work from the age of 19, and he is still doing it.

Gupta works towards helping people through several NGOs. He wants to be available to people in need and support them when they have nowhere else to go. The social worker shares, "I started with helping people in every big or small way I could. When I started at 19, I helped the underprivileged with small things like stationary equipment, clothes and toiletries. Seeing them smile made me feel positive and encouraged me to keep doing on. I get a good sleep knowing that I have helped some people today in a small way."


Since last year in April, Kushal Gupta is working continuously. He is on his feet all the time to provide food, clothing, water, masks and sanitisers to those who can't afford them. Last year, his team organised a drive where they distributed masks and sanitiser to people. He even sanitised other places at a distance near his residence so that people stay safe. Even this year, he is helping people in every possible way.

Gupta believes that a lot of people ask for help through the internet. He wants more and more young people to participate in social work if they can and spread smiles. The social worker says, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do a lot."


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