Southwest Airlines flight attendant escorts rescue puppy 2,000 miles to new home

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant recently flew across the country to escort a rescue puppy from Texas miles to his new fur-ever home

[Aug. 10, 2020: Fox News]

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant recently flew across the country to escort a rescue puppy from Texas miles to his new fur-ever home in North Carolina.

The Animal Rescue League of El Paso, Texas welcomed two stray puppies in July, found in a box on the side of the road, on a scorching hot day that was about 103 degrees, shelter director Loretta Hyde told KTSM in a Sunday report.

The animal rescue shared photos of the adorable pups to Facebook, and a couple in North Carolina soon fell in love with the male dog, requesting the adoption and naming him Harris.

From there, the El Paso rescue had to solve the doggone dilemma of transporting the pup nearly 2,000 miles to his new home in Raleigh.

“I made a call to one of my friends who works at Southwest and she goes, ‘No Loretta [the dog] can’t fly unchaperoned,'” Hyde said.

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Fortunately, a Vegas-based flight attendant named Marcel Stratton offered to accompany the pup on the cross-country trip to his fur-ever family, making the trek on two of her days off.

“I was available to come to El Paso to pick up the puppy and then one of our amazing employees purchased me a ticket from El Paso to Raleigh because the flights filled up and there was a chance that I wasn’t going to get on,” Stratton told the outlet.

Management for a local Wyndham hotel also fell in puppy love with the rescue dog, offering Stratton and Harris a complimentary stay as their trek began.

The Southwest staffer and rescue dog ultimately took three flights to reach the Tar Heel State, making new friends along the way.

“Everyone needed to see a little kindness and this puppy brought so much love,” Stratton recalled. “The two pilots I had, they took him for a walk in the airport and all the passengers on the plane were just wanting to see him.”

On July 29, Harris finally met his new family at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, concluding the sweet story that has been highly followed on Facebook.

Hyde said that the animal rescue is “very blessed” to have received such support during the journey.

“He touched a lot of lives on his way to his new forever home. It’s a community that steps up… to accomplish all this,” she told KTSM..... Read More

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