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Space Tourism Is Getting Interesting (...And Weird)

[July 18, 2020: Forbes]

For less than a century, humans have been sending objects, both organic or inorganic, into space. We have not yet managed to travel beyond our galaxy, but our descendants will possibly find a way to travel to distant galaxies in the future.

Though human exploration of space is in its infancy, how we nurture the infancy of space exploration will determine its maturity for future generations. We must consider the opportunities space exploration presents to us now and how we can use those opportunities to prepare for a better life for future generations.

Here are nine innovative, and sometimes strange ways, some companies are preparing now for the future of space exploration.

The Scent of Space

To most people, the smell of burnt cookies brings back memories of baking and burning cookies for the holidays or other special occasions. But to astronauts, the smell of burnt cookies or lingering gun powder (depending on their childhood activities) may remind them of the smell of space.

For more than a decade, NASA has used the smell of space in-field training to prep astronauts for any unusual events they may experience in space. But now a team of people in the fashion, tech, design, and logistics fields are bottling the smell of space in a scent called “Eau de Space” and bringing it to the general public... MORE


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