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Sponsored: Community-Based Alternative to Pet Insurance Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

[Aug. 9, 2020: Eusoh]

According to the American Pet Products Association, nearly 70% of U.S. households own a pet. Moreover, 1 in 3 pets needs emergency veterinary treatment in any given year, costing anywhere between $800 to $1500. So, it's not surprising that most pet parents are rushing to get better coverage for their pets and avoid these unexpected expenses.

Though choosing the first pet insurance company that comes your way can do you more harm than good. Most pet insurance companies profit from the inflated procedural costs – leaving you paying the hefty premiums.

Fortunately, with a community-based pet health plan by Eusoh, you can prioritize your pet's wellbeing without worrying about finances.

What is Eusoh? Eusoh (pronounced you-so) is an affordable pet health plan that uses the power of community to help pet parents manage veterinary bills.

Eusoh provides pet healthcare coverage for injuries, illnesses, and so on, similar to the traditional pet insurance companies but at a fraction of the price – 65% less, to be precise. Instead of paying toward a premium, you only pay for costs after they happen.

How Does Eusoh Work?

With Eusoh, you pay upfront for all your pet care needs including routine veterinary visits that most traditional insurance companies refuse to cover.

When you sign up with Eusoh, you become part of a group or create one with other pet parents. You can then go visit your preferred veterinary as Eusoh doesn't propagate "networks" and ergo, doesn't limit you from seeking a specialist.

Then, after paying for services upfront, you submit a photo of the receipt and get reimbursed. Similar to pet insurance plans, you receive the standard 80% reimbursement.

For example, your cat eats chocolate and the vet bill is $1000. After your initial out-of-pocket of $250 and your member share of 20%, your Eusoh community pitches in to reimburse you the remaining $600.

Then next month, your cat has some skin allergy and the bill is $500. Since you have already paid your initial out-of-pocket amount, you only pay member share of 20% and your group takes care of the rest.

No Premiums: So, How Much Does It Cost?

Apart from its convenient reimbursement policy, Eusoh has an edge over the traditional pet policy in terms of cost.

Eusoh works on a community-based subscription model, where you only pay when there's an actual expense.

In fact, despite the $48 initial deposit and the subscription fee is $17/month, it is still 65% less expensive than the average pet insurance policy.

Contributions vary depending on how many expenses are submitted to your group each month.

Additionally, Eusoh guarantees you will never pay more than $65 a month (including your subscription fee). Each pet is considered its own subscription and has its own subscription fee, initial deposit, and will be responsible for monthly expense sharing.

There are several other distinguishing features that tip the scales in Eusoh's favor.

  • All coverage and reimbursement for procedures are totally transparent.

  • You can go to your preferred vet, and not be bound to their "network."

  • Submit expenses directly from your smartphones. No lengthy forms.

  • You get access to community members who can point you in the right direction for the best care options for your pet.

How to Get Started?

You can learn more about Eusoh and its community care pet health plans by signing up on their website for free. All you need to do is answer a few questions about you and your pet and then schedule a call to understand in detail how Eusoh works. Remember, it's important to clear all your doubts before choosing a pet healthcare plan.

Note: Any purchase at Eusoh directly supports The Brighter Side of News and our mission to provide readers with good, positive and educational news stories highlighting kindness, selflessness, heroism, compassion and love being displayed by people from around the world...... Buy Now



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