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St. Bernard Dog Rescued with the Help of ‘Plenty of Treats’ After Collapsing on Steep Descent

[July 27, 2020: People]

Sometimes even the bravest canine breeds need a little help.

A group of rescuers in England came together on Friday to help out a 121 lb. St. Bernard dog named Daisy who "collapsed" while descending Scafell Pike, the country’s highest mountain.

"Our members didn’t need to think twice," the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team wrote in a statement on social media about their rescue efforts, which went on for almost 5 hours and required the help of 16 individuals.

"Displaying signs of pain in her rear legs and refusing to move, Daisy’s owners were able to keep her well hydrated and fed until team members were able to get on the scene with a stretcher to help get them moving again," they wrote.


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Upon reaching Daisy and her owners, "team members carefully introduced themselves to Daisy so as not to cause any additional distress, and with the help of a treat or two members were able to assess her condition and administer analgesia for the pain," they added.

Of course, there was a bit of trial and error before Daisy was able to get comfortable — but after a few more adjustments "and of course plenty more treats" — the canine settled in for the downhill trip.

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team went on to note that although the pooch "unfortunately had a hard start in life until she was 'rescued' by her current owners a few months ago," Daisy has been doing just fine since her scary summit climb and was "back to her usual high spirits" by Saturday morning.

"She apparently feels a bit guilty and slightly embarrassed about letting down the image of her cousins bouncing across the Alpine snows with barrels of brandy around their necks," they jokingly added.... MORE



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