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'Stoner' license plates to be auctioned for charity in Colorado

[Apr. 7, 2021: Hilal Bahcetepe]

A new fundraising effort between the Colorado Disability Funding Committee and the state Dpot-themed license plates until April 20, the 4/20 holidayepartment of Transportation is auctioning off . Announced on April 1 (but not an April Fools' joke), the charity auction will raise money to provide support and resources for disabled people across Colorado.

The fourteen state-issued plates up for grabs include words and phrases like “BONG," “HASH," “STASH," "INDICA," "GANJA," "GOTWAX" and "ISIT420," as well as tamer terms such as "HEMP," "GREEN" and "HONEY," with the rest displayed on the auction's website. The highest-earning plate so far is "ISIT420," which is currently accepting offers over $6,500. Meanwhile, “TEGRIDY," a reference to the Marsh family's fictional cannabis farm on South Park, is currently going for over $2,250.


The state plans to return next year with another 4/20-themed auction in April. Here are some suggestions for the next round of stoner plates:


A nod to the classic strain, and a favorite among Colorado tokers.


Someone must already have this as a vanity plate, because its omission is surprising.


If we're going to keep the South Park references going, this classic character has been a stoner-culture icon since the show creators first introduced him in 2001. Take your new plate on a ride down memory lane — and don't forget to bring a towel!


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Let's not forget the original cartoon stoner we fell in love with, Shaggy Rogers, whose "zoinks" catchphrase was just as much a pothead giveaway as his appetite for Scooby Snacks (which is also a weed strain now, by the way).


Tell the cop that it's a water pipe to put your weed in, man!


Someone could definitely be driving around with this one already, hopefully by complete accident.


For the guy and gal who've got love in their hearts and joints tucked behind their ears.



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