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Strike a PAWS! 800 costumed Chihuahuas strut their stuff in Miss Chihuahua Town beauty pageant

[August 24, 2021: CLAIRE TOUREILLE]

Britain's Most Beautiful Chihuahua pageant. (CREDIT: Sue Thatcher)

A selection of adorable photographs show 800 chihuahuas strutting their stuff on the red carpet at a hilarious doggie beauty pageant.

The pint-sized pooches, from all over the UK, donned fancy 'designer' outfits as they competed for top spot as Britain's Most Beautiful Chihuahua.

And it was Twiglet, wearing a full-body pink pom-pom, who stole the show to be crowned 'Miss Chihuahua Town'.

Twiglet crowned Miss Chihuahua Town. (CREDIT: Sue Thatcher)

Meanwhile, Chiweenie Beanie - a chihuahua-dachshund cross - won the top prize in the fancy dress category for her party hat, multi-coloured wig and sunglasses combination.


More than 800 people and dogs attended the weekend's chihuahua-only event in Yardley Gobion, Northants, which was organised by Kerry Brooks, who runs events for all breeds, under her 'DogTown' brand.

(Images credit to: Sue Thatcher)

Other activities at the event included a cheese run challenge, where the dogs sprint as fast as they can down a lane, eating pieces of cheese lined up along the route.

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