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Student writes letter to Santa asking all her gifts go to classmate who is bullying her

[Dec 3, 2021: Gillian Brooks]

12 year old sisters Heaven and Heather McGee. (CREDIT: ABC9 KCRG)

Heaven McGee is like most 12 year olds, she enjoys acting, dancing and making Tik Toks. She also enjoys volunteering in her community with mom and twin sister Heather.

“Treat others how you want to be treated," said Heaven.

Recently, Heaven said she has been picked on at school because of the color of her skin.

“Some kid was bullying me because I was black. And then I felt sad because I know that everyone doesn't like being bullied," said Heaven.


Before Thanksgiving, Heaven wrote a letter to Santa Claus. She asked Santa to deliver her presents to the bully's house on Christmas morning.

Sisters heaven and Heather McGee sitting with their mother Anquinette during an interview. (CREDIT: ABC9 KCRG)

When her mother Anquinette, saw what was at the top of her wish list, she was surprised.

“I was lost for words of what the letter said," said Anquinette.

Heaven said the classmate picking on her just needs joy in their life.


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“If he doesn't have any presents then I can make his wish come true and give him some presents," said Heaven.

The letter has been sent to the North Pole. Anquinette said there is nothing else on Heaven's Christmas list this year.

"With bullying you don't know their story. You don't know what they have been through or what they are going through at home. An act of kindness, you don't need permission to do that," said Anquinette.

Heaven also wished Santa will be able to deliver the same kindness to other people this Christmas.


“She continued ask if Santa could tell people that don’t like dark colored people, that she loves them and that we all are family," said Anquinette.

"Love til the last number," said Heaven.

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