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Students clap, shout as 1000+ donated cereal boxes turns into a huge domino run

[Mar. 24, 2021: Sarah McCrobie]

While so much has changed in the past year, the kindness and compassion in the Phoenix Central School District has remained constant, and that was evident during a recent mass food donation event.

Students, staff and faculty at Michael A. Maroun Elementary School in Phoenix launched a cereal donation effort that resulted in a domino effect – literally. As one donation came in, followed by another and another, school administrators wanted to showcase this domino effect of kindness by setting up the cereal boxes as if they were dominos. Nearly 1,050 boxes of cereal were set up and weaved throughout the school building Friday afternoon, and with one slight tap, the boxes began to fall.

The boxes, which had been set up down the middle of the school’s hallway, continued to fall as students sat along the walls of the hallway outside their classrooms. The boxes continued around corners and even down stairs as students cheered and staff members captured videos of the event.

“This is so cool,” said a first-grader as the boxes began to tumble outside his classroom.


As excited as the students were to see the domino donation come to fruition, they were equally excited knowing that the donations would make a big difference to local families in need.

“All the boxes will be donated to Erin’s Angels backpack program to provide nourishment for elementary students when school was not in session,” said MAM Assistant Principal Amy Godkin. “This is a wonderful program for our families, and I couldn’t be prouder of our Firebird community for their selflessness and generosity.”


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