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TEARFUL REUNION: Selfless coronavirus nurse reunited with her vulnerable son after four months apart

[July 20, 2020: The Sun]

RUNNING into each other’s arms, a selfless coronavirus nurse is finally reunited with her son - for the first time in FOUR MONTHS.

Operating theatre medic Gemma Walker, 47, made the heart-wrenching decision to live separately from vulnerable George, 20, when the pandemic broke.

It meant she had not seen her son - who has Down's Syndrome and needs oxygen at night - since Mother’s Day on March 22.

With the bug more under control Gemma arranged to see George again in an emotional moment she said was “like a dream come true”.

Her boy stood by the window for 40-minutes waiting to see Gemma's car - then shouted "mum, mum she's here," when she pulled in.

As they embraced the pair wiped away tears and Gemma said: "I've missed you so much my darling boy."

He replied: "Mum, mum I've missed you, now you are here, now you are here.".... MORE


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